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Open Homes is a program that lets you share your extra space for free with people in need of temporary housing. Our community of hosts believes that everyone should have a safe place to call home.

Right now, our hosts open their homes to those who’ve been displaced by disaster, those fleeing conflict, or those with life-threatening illnesses seeking care and respite. Together, our first goal is to house 100,000 people in need by 2022. We work closely with organizations like the International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps to develop the program and to help them find temporary housing on behalf of their clients.

The Open Homes team is made up researchers, designers, engineers, writers, customer support agents, and program managers. While headquartered in San Francisco, we have team members in London, Paris, Greece and Amman. Field work is a huge part of what we do, so we’re constantly designing and seeking feedback from nonprofits, hosts, and the groups of people we serve.